Celebrating Horus Station's One Month Anniversary!

Time flies when you are having fun... or when you are scrambling in zero gravity  fighting Horus Station's mechanical defenses...

Downward Spiral: Horus Station has now been out on Steam Store for one full month. To celebrate this ”miniversary” we are having a Special Steam Summer Weekend Sale. This means that for two days only Horus Station is -15% off the price on Steam. The offer ends on Monday 10am PT / 20pm CEST, so be quick if you don't want to miss out. Click the link below to take advantage of the offer:

Now it is also an excellent time to jump in to the multiplayer! If you have been eager to try out the Deathmatch come to play with us this Sunday July 1st at 9am PT / 19pm CEST for a one hour multiplayer session.

The game session is easy to find. Just jump in to the game in VR or flat, choose multiplayer, Deathmatch and pick Engineering Hangar for the first map at the start.

You are welcomed to play and also ask questions from the team. See you there!