3rd Eye Core is a complete Unity studio toolset subscription made by key ex-Unity developers. Core offers accessible logic tools, a enhanced cinematic time tool, VFX tools for high fidelity rendering, VR interaction technologies as well as audio and pipeline tools. 

3rd Eye Core solves issues and enhances Unity meaning developers spend less time on debugging and more time creating. Our technologies are designed to extend Unity's standard workflows while maintaining the compatibility with Unity's native features and user side scripting.  

3rd Eye Core is also a subscription meaning we will provide support to our customers and continue to evolve the features based on feedback. Our goal is for 3rd Eye Core is to allow our studios to ship more games more often and create the best toolset available.



Nested Prefabs

  • Prefabs inside prefabs. Allows creating and maintaining complex structures from simple pieces. 

  • Designed as a part of Unity’s native workflow, without need to learn new skills.


Deferred Decals

  • Decals are used to project image or text on a overlapping objects. Most common use is for generating runtime effects like footsteps, bullet holes or to reskin a model.

  • Decals allow designers to quickly create content without 3D modelling and texturing knowledge.


Logic Graph

  • Logic Graph is a visual programming tool aimed to game designers and artists for creating games without a need for a programmer in the team.

  • This allows scaling up the production without need for adding more programmers.


Light Probe Tool

  • Placing light probes is cumbersome and time consuming.
  • This tool allows you to create and maintain a light probe layout automatically.

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