"VR is more than a game for 3rd Eye Studios"


"From the Highwaymen to Audioslave, via Cream and Them Crooked Vultures, the concept of a supergroup has been a mainstay of modern music. However, the idea of bringing together a troupe of creative heavyweights is far from a concept confined to the music industry.

Case in point: 3rd Eye Studios represents the meeting point of many of the big hitters in the Finnish games industry. Founded in June 2016 by veterans of Remedy, Bugbear, Moon Studios, RedLynx and Unity, the studio has set out to shake up the world of VR gaming. They aren’t doing this just by releasing games, either. They have much bigger plans, starting out with 3rd Eye Core technology and tools, and the Downward Spiral series."

Nice article about our company. You can read the whole story from here: http://www.goodnewsfinland.com/feature/32604/