Horus Station Spring Update

Spring has finally come to Finland, but even as the sun is shining warmly and birds are singing outside, 3rd Eye Studios' team is working hard finishing up Downward Spiral: Horus Station.

Now we can confidently say that Horus Station is on its final legs of development. Next week we will have visual content locked down, which means that even our talented artists will focus on testing the game instead of producing more visual assets. What is best we can soon announce the release date, price and other details.

The third developer diary video is something not to miss soon. It will center on zero gravity game play and offers some cool insight to the unique movement, about the game modes, and also uncovers motivations behind the mysterious story of Horus Station. Alongside the diary we will also show a new footage and screenshots, which you can get a taste below.

Stay tuned and remember to check our Steam Store page and social media channels in the links. Until the next time, happy month of May and many sunny spring days to all!